Basketball Rules Changes - 2020-21

By NFHS on May 12, 2020 basketball Print

2-12-5: The intent of the rule change is to avoid gamesmanship and ensure the time for replacement remains within the rules. This rule change makes 2-12-5 consistent with 2-12-4 “second horn” requirement.
Rationale: The addition of a warning signal at the end of the replacement period admonishes the coach and team to prepare for resumption of the game.

5-4-1, 2: When a coach has been removed, this rule clarifies that if no other coach or school personnel are available, then the game is forfeited unless state association rules determine otherwise.
Rationale: Rewritten to clarify the forfeiture process and adds language and a new article to give directions when there is no coach or other school personnel, on the bench.

10-6-Penalty: To clarify that officials are not required to issue a warning prior to issuing a technical foul. However, they may issue a warning when the offense is judged not to be major.
Rationale: To clarify the official does not have to give a warning to the coach. The warning is one of the tools used to help improve behavior before a technical foul has to be given.