Wrestling Rules Interpretations - 2019-20

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Publisher’s Note: The National Federation of State High School Associations is the only source of official high school interpretations. They do not set aside nor modify any rule. They are made and published by the NFHS in response to situations presented.

Dr. Karissa L. Niehoff, Publisher, NFHS Publications © 2019

SITUATION 1: Wrestler A reports to the scorer’s table and the referee notices that the wrestler’s shoelaces are not contained in lace guards nor are they taped around the ankles. The laces appear to be double-knotted. Is this acceptable? RULING: Yes, Rule 4-1-3 requires laces to be secured in an acceptable fashion. Double-knotting meets this requirement.

SITUATION 2: The coach from Team B asks the referee to inspect the new earguards that were donated by the local sporting goods store. The earguards are designed for wrestling and are rigid and padded. The left earguard contains the sporting goods store logo. The right earguard is blank. The earguards don’t contain any other logos or trademarks or promotional references. Can these earguards be worn in competition? RULING: These earguards can be worn as long as the logo is not larger than 2¼ square inches. (4-1-4)

SITUATION 3: Wrestler A appears at the scorer’s table and has braids/ dreadlocks bound by rubber bands so that the hair-length rule is satisfied in front, back and on the sides. Since the hair is braided in dreadlocks, does the wrestler also need to wear a legal hair cover? RULING: As long as the hair is contained by a legal, hair-control device the wrestler is not required to also wear a legal head cover. (4-2-1)

SITUATION 4: During the special equipment inspection, Wrestler B presents to the referee a set of leg sleeves that don’t contain built-in padding. Can the referee approve the sleeves for use in competition? RULING: No, Rule 4-3-5 requires both arm and leg sleeves to contain padding.

SITUATION 5: Is it an automatic takedown when the defensive wrestler’s hand or hands touch the mat? RULING: No, Rule 5-25-2 requires the hand(s) to touch the mat beyond reaction time when the legs or torso are controlled.

SITUATION 6: From the neutral position, Wrestler A captured one leg of Wrestler B while at the edge of the mat. Wrestler B dives out of bounds to avoid being taken down. Is this stalling or fleeing the mat? RULING: This is fleeing the mat. (5-27-1a, 7-3-1)

SITUATION 7: From the neutral position, both wrestlers are at the edge of the mat. Wrestler B has control of Wrestler A’s wrist. Wrestler A backs out of bounds to stop the match. Is this fleeing the mat? RULING: No, Wrestler A is stalling. (5-24-3e)

SITUATION 8: During the match, Wrestler B’s shoelaces become untied. Is this a technical violation? RULING: No, this is penalized as stalling. (7-6-6d)

SITUATION 9: During the match, Wrestler A has been penalized one point for an illegal hold, one point for locking hands, and warned for stalling and penalized for stalling after the warning. How many points will the opponent receive when Wrestler A is penalized for stalling following the warning? RULING: One point for first stalling penalty. (8-1-4, Stalling Penalty Chart)

SITUATION 10: Wrestler A is granted an injury time-out. During the evaluation by the appropriate health-care professional, it is determined that Wrestler A has symptoms of a concussion. Can the appropriate health-care professional request the injury time to be extended? RULING: Yes, the injury time can be extended not to exceed five minutes per match. [8-2-4b(2)]

SITUATION 11: Wrestler A is penalized for a slam. Wrestler B is awarded one point and placed on recovery time. Can the appropriate health-care professional request a two-minute extension of recovery time? RULING: No, recovery time in Rule 8-2-2 is not part of the extended injury time in Rule 8-2-4.

SITUATION 12: Can an appropriate health-care professional request extended blood time to evaluate a possible concussion? RULING: No, blood time does not allow for extended time. (8-2-7)

SITUATION 13: Can a coach, athlete or referee request an extension to injury time to evaluate a possible concussion? RULING: No, only an appropriate health-care professional can request an injury time extension. [8-2-4b(2)]

SITUATION 14: Can a wrestler compete with a beard? RULING: Yes, but the beard shall be covered with an approved face mask. (4-2-1)

SITUATION 15: Are wrestlers required to wear a suitable undergarment under a one-piece singlet, shorts designed for wrestling and compression shorts? RULING: Yes, contestants are required to wear a suitable undergarment under all uniforms. (4-1-1a-c)

SITUATION 16: Does a forfeit count as a loss on a wrestler’s record? RULING: No, it is a forfeit when for any reason the opponent fails to appear for a match. (5-13)

SITUATION 17: How many supporting points need to be inbounds for a takedown to be awarded? RULING: Two points of either wrestler or one point of both wrestlers. (5-25-1)

SITUATION 18: Can wrestlers use tape to modify or adjust their earguards? RULING: No, the uniform, including earguards shall be worn as intended/designed by the manufacturer. (4-1-5)

SITUATION 19: Who is authorized to perform skin checks at dual meets and tournaments? RULING: A designated on-site meet, appropriate health-care professional or the meet/tournament referees. (3-1-4, 3-1-5)

SITUATION 20: What authorized signal is the assistant referee allowed to use during a match? RULING: The assistant referee is allowed to show the referee when hands have been locked or grasping clothing. (3-2-2d)