Wrestling Rules Interpretations - 2018-19

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Publisher’s Note: The National Federation of State High School Associations is the only source of official high school interpretations. They do not set aside nor modify any rule. They are made and published by the NFHS in response to situations presented.

Dr. Karissa L. Niehoff, Publisher, NFHS Publications © 2018

SITUATION 1: Wrestler A reports to the mat table wearing a two-piece uniform. The compression shirt is short-sleeved and tight-fitting. There is one manufacturer’s logo 2¼ inches. The shorts designed for wrestling have two logos. Both are 2¼ inches. The first is from the manufacturer, and the second is from the organization that donated the uniforms. RULING: The shirt is legal, but the shorts designed for wrestling are illegal because each piece of apparel may only have one logo or promotional item. (4-1-2)

SITUATION 2: Wrestler B reports to the mat table wearing ear guards that have medical tape around the straps to make the ear guards fit tighter. RULING: Because of medical tape the ear guards are illegal since the tape is not part of the manufacturer’s design. (4-1-5)

SITUATION 3: Can a wrestler compete with a beard? RULING: Yes, but the beard should be covered with a face mask approved by the referee. (4-2-1)

SITUATION 4: If a wrestler presents a signed medical skin form allowing his participation, can this note be overruled? RULING: Yes, the on-site meet, health-care professional may overrule the diagnosis of a health-care professional. (4-2-4)

SITUATION 5: Each team is granted a two-pound growth allowance. Can a wrestler who weighs in at 121 pounds compete in the 132-pound class? RULING: No, weighing in at 121 qualifies the wrestler for the 119- and 126-pound weight classes only. (4-4-2)

SITUATION 6: When the defensive wrestler is in a near-fall situation out of bounds, can the offensive wrestler’s toes become supporting points? RULING: Yes, if the offensive wrestler’s knee(s) remains inside the boundary line. (5-15-2c)

SITUATION 7: From the neutral position, Wrestler A has captured one leg of Wrestler B while at the edge of the mat to avoid being taken down when Wrestler B dives out of bounds. Is this stalling or fleeing the mat? RULING: This is considered fleeing. (7-3-1)

SITUATION 8: From the neutral position, both wrestlers are at the edge of the mat. Wrestler B has control of Wrestler A’s wrists. Wrestler A backs out of bounds to stop the match. Is this fleeing the mat? RULING: No, Wrestler A is warned/penalized for stalling. (5-24-3e)

SITUATION 9: From the neutral position, can a takedown be earned just because the defensive wrestler’s hands touch the mat? RULING: No, the majority of the defensive wrestler’s weight must be supported by the hands beyond reaction time. (5-25-2)

SITUATION 10: Wrestler A is charged with a caution false start from the top position down on the mat. Can Wrestler B use recovery time if injured by the false start? RULING: No, recovery time only applies during the neutral position. (5-28-3)

SITUATION 11: How many supporting points need to be in bounds for action to continue? RULING: Two points of either wrestler or at least one point of both wrestlers. (5-15-1)

SITUATION 12: Is the back bow with cross face a legal move? RULING: No, back bows are illegal in high school wrestling. (7-5-1q)

SITUATION 13: Do knee pads require permission from the referee to be worn? RULING: Yes, knee pads are special equipment and must be approved by the referee. (3-1-6, 4-3-1)

SITUATION 14: Are wrestlers allowed to wear a one-leg tight under their uniforms? RULING: No, wrestlers can wear full-length tights (both legs) with stirrups. (4-1-1)

SITUATION 15: Wrestler A is out of bounds in a high bridge. Wrestler A’s feet are off the mat and on the floor. Wrestler A is struggling to maintain the high bridge because the floor is slippery. What shall the referee do in this situation? RULING: The referee shall stop the match. (5-11-5)

SITUATION 16: During a tournament, is it permissible to have two coaches in the chairs and an additional person sitting on the floor next to the chairs at the edge of the mat keeping score or filming the match? RULING: No, during a tournament only two team personnel will be permitted on the chairs at the edge of the mat. (2-2-2)

SITUATION 17: Does braided hair that is non-abrasive need to be contained in a legal hair cover? RULING: If the hair in its natural state is longer than allowed by rule, then it must be contained in a legal hair cover. (4-2-1)

SITUATION 18: During the second period, Wrestler A has earned a three-point near fall and is working for the fall. Wrestler B grabs Wrestler A’s ear guard to get out of the near fall. The referee notices the technical violation but does not stop the match. How many points will be awarded to Wrestler A when the near-fall situation ends? RULING: Four points for the near fall and one point for technical violation. (5-11-2i)

SITUATION 19: In the neutral starting position, where will the referee be positioned? RULING: The referee shall be in tight to prevent a false start. (6-2-3, Illustration #35)

SITUATION 20: After skin checks have been performed, Wrestler B (male) steps on the scale wearing a t-shirt and is overweight. May Wrestler B remove the t-shirt? RULING: No, Wrestler B cannot remove his t-shirt to make weight. (4-5-3)