Swimming and Diving Rules Interpretations - 2020-21

By NFHS on July 22, 2020 Swimming & diving Print

Publisher’s Note: The National Federation of State High School Associations is the only source of official high school interpretations. They do not set aside nor modify any rule. They are made and published by the NFHS in response to situations presented.

Dr. Karissa L. Niehoff, Publisher, NFHS Publications © 2020

SITUATION 1: In order to conduct a large invitational meet within limited pool availability, meet hosts utilize timed finals for all relays and the 500-yard freestyle event, while providing heats and finals for the remaining events. RULING: This is permissible. COMMENT: For multi-team meets, there is no prohibition on combining meet formats. Meet hosts may exercise this sort of flexibility, subject to state association policies, in order to create better competitive environments for athletes. (5-1-1)

SITUATION 2: Coaches from two schools decide to conduct a virtual dual meet and would like to utilize a 1,000-yard freestyle event instead of the 500-yard freestyle. RULING: Incorrect procedure. COMMENT: Virtual competitions may be conducted provided state association policy permits, and all NFHS Swimming and Diving rules regarding athlete entry, participation and conduct shall apply. Events may not be altered when conducting a dual meet.

SITUATION 3: In a championship diving competition, divers qualifying for the semifinal session are permitted to warm up before the start of that session; however, no warm-up is allowed between semifinals and finals. RULING: Legal. Warm-up immediately prior to the beginning of the preliminary session is required by rule; additional warm-up between other sessions is at the discretion of meet management. (9-2-1)

SITUATION 4: The referee is using an electronic whistle to signal swimmers to prepare for a heat and to “step up” or “step in.” RULING: Legal. COMMENT: Provided all participants are aware of the circumstances and are able to respond appropriately to the official’s signals, a human-blown whistle is not required.