Softball Comments on the Rules - 2020

By NFHS on August 28, 2019 softball Print

1-5-1c, d, e, 2-4-3, 7-4-2: Added language to give a clear definition of a damaged bat separating it from illegal and altered bats. Damaged bats are not to be considered illegal bats, therefore they do not carry the same penalty as illegal bats.  Damaged bats should be removed from the game without penalty. Language added additional certification marking (USA Softball All Games mark) to update current legal marks. 

6-1-1: Clarifies that any part of the pivot foot is in contact with the pitcher’s plate is legal and no longer limits the pivot foot to contacting just the top surface of the pitcher’s plate, which reflects current practice.

9-1-1 EXCEPTION c: Added language to make clear that if a preceding runner is called out on appeal, subsequent runner(s) that cross the plate do not count as run(s) scored.