NFHS Rules App Information

By on December 17, 2021 Print

The NFHS has released the NFHS Rules App, which is available via Apple App Store and Google Play. The NFHS Rules App contains quizzes for all NFHS sports and provides access to the NFHS Rules and Case books for each sport.

INDIVIDUAL paid members of the NFHS Coaches Association and the NFHS Officials Associations receive access to all NFHS rules as a member benefit. Note, this is not inclusive of members who join via their respective member state associations.

Member officials who join via a state association (map below), from the orange and green states will receive access to the rules book(s) for the sport(s) in which they are licensed by their state. Only the specific licenses rules books assigned by the state association are included in this benefit. Note: To receive this benefit, the official must be a licensed official with his/her NFHS member state association and have his/her sport(s) identified by the state association. To obtain access to a rules book for a sport in which the official is NOT licensed by the state, the user must subscribe to the book via the app.

How does a member gain access to the complimentary editions of the rules books via the app?  Follow these steps:

  1. Download the App from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.
  2. Open the NFHS Rules App. At the bottom of the screen, select “Signup”. Enter your name and profile information: Note: The EMAIL address MUST match the address on your NFHS and/or state office account.
  3. Once registered with your account, within the app go to the "My Books" section.  Here you will see a download icon for books assigned to you. All other books will show a shopping cart to subscribe to the book for $6.99.

Parents, students, nonmember coaches and officials can subscribe to the rules publications via the app for $6.99.