National Federation of High Schools Resolution about Hazing

By Caudill (CMS) Kathy on July 24, 2014 student services Print

The National Federation defines hazing as any humiliating or dangerous activity expected of a student to belong to a group, regardless of their willingness to participate.

Whereas, the mission of the NFHS includes development of "good citizens through interscholastic activities " and

Whereas, the NFHS attempts to "enhance the educational experiences of high school students and reduce the risks of their participation," in such activities.

Whereas, the NFHS Citizenship Committee, in partnership with the school/community, "will provide life-long learning opportunities for participants to become citizens who provide positive contributions to their schools, workplaces and society," and

Whereas, a major goal of the NFHS Citizenship Committee is "to foster a climate at the local, state and national levels to promote respect for self, others and environment."

Whereas, participants in school activities are uniquely vulnerable to hazing, and

Whereas, hazing obstructs the development of good citizens, escalates the risks of participation, negates positive contributions, and destroys respect for self, others and environment,

Therefore, be it resolved by the NFHS that significant steps shall be taken to increase the awareness and prevention of hazing.