Field Hockey Rules Interpretations - 2020

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Publisher’s Note: The National Federation of State High School Associations is the only source of official high school interpretations. They do not set aside nor modify any rule. They are made and published by the NFHS in response to situations presented.

Dr. Karissa L. Niehoff, Publisher, NFHS Publications © 2020

Page 18, 1.8.1 SITUATION C: The White Team’s goalkeeper is wearing a clear mouth and tooth protector that is attached to the facemask/helmet. RULING: Legal.  Mouthguards may be any color, white or clear.
Page 12, 1-6-5: Goggles may be worn by all field players.
In response to longstanding concerns regarding the mandatory eyewear rule, the NFHS Board of Directors approved a change in the eyewear rule that will take effect with the 2020 season. State associations still have the right to mandate goggles.

SITUATION 1: The White Team has five players wearing full-length spandex under their kilts that extend below the uniform bottom. Two of the players have red spandex and three have black spandex. The official informs the coach that any undergarments that extend below the team uniform must be the same color and asks that the team conform to the rule. RULING: Correct procedure. COMMENT: Undergarments that extend below the team uniform bottom must all be the same color. (1-5-1)

SITUATION 2: Player A enters the game with a clear “pacifier-type” mouthguard. The official permits the player to enter the game. RULING: Correct procedure. COMMENT: Mouthguards may be any color, white or clear and may cover the mouth in a “pacifier-like” manner. (1-6-1)

SITUATION 3: The state association continues to mandate the wearing of goggles. Team A shows up for a game in this state and several players are not wearing goggles. The official tells the coach that all field players must be legally equipped prior to the start of play. The players without goggles may re-enter once they have complied with the state’s rule. RULING: Correct procedure. COMMENT: Each state high school association adopting NFHS sports rules is the sole source of binding rules interpretations for contests involving its member schools and has the right to mandate goggle usage. (1-6-5)

SITUATION 4: After a goal is scored by the White Team, the Red Team coach sends four players to the scorer’s table for substitution. Each player checks in at the table and then immediately enters the field. RULING: Incorrect procedure. COMMENT: During a dead ball, such as an injury time-out or after a goal is scored, all players must report to the scorer’s table and must wait for the player they are replacing to come off the field before entering the field of play. (4-4-5)

SITUATION 5: During the course of the game, the Blue Team has been assessed a green card and a 5-minute yellow card for violating the 5-yard rule. Late in the third quarter, a player on the White Team violates that rule for the first time and the official assesses a 10-minute yellow card. RULING: Incorrect procedure. COMMENT: Cards are cumulative to a specific team. Since this is the White Team’s first infraction of this rule, a green card should be assessed. (8-1)

SITUATION 6: A free hit is awarded to the White Team outside the 25-yard area; a player from the White Team uses a self-pass to quickly restart play. Several defenders, not 5 yards away, crowd the player trying to influence direction but don’t make an attempt on the ball. The official permits play to continue. RULING: Incorrect procedure. COMMENT: If any player is within 5 yards of the ball, she must not interfere with the taking of the free hit or must not play or attempt to play the ball. With multiple defenders crowding the offensive player, the defenders are influencing play even though they may not be attempting to play the ball. The official should stop play and warn the players to move 5 yards away and then restart the free hit. (9-2-1)

SITUATION 7: Time expires at the end of the third quarter as the official blows the whistle for a penalty corner. The official keeps the teams on the field and conducts the penalty corner. RULING: Correct procedure. COMMENT: If a penalty corner is awarded at the end of the first three quarters, the game shall continue until the penalty corner is complete. (10-3-3)

SITUATION 8: At the end of the game, an official awards a penalty corner to the Red Team just before time expires. The White Team is ahead by one goal and the official allows the penalty corner to be taken. The ball travels outside the circle for a second time but doesn’t clear 5 yards from the circle. The official ends the game. RULING: Incorrect procedure. COMMENT: The ball must travel more than 5 yards from the circle for the penalty corner to be complete. (10-3-3)