Field Hockey Rules Interpretations - 2019

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Publisher’s Note: The National Federation of State High School Associations is the only source of official high school interpretations. They do not set aside nor modify any rule. They are made and published by the NFHS in response to situations presented. Dr. Karissa L. Niehoff, Publisher, NFHS Publications © 2019

RULES BOOK CORRECTIONS: Page 34, Rule 7-3-2: If a defender unintentionally causes the ball to go across the end line or if the ball glances off the stick/person of a defender and goes across the end line, the attacking team shall be awarded a 25-yard free hit. Play is restarted with the ball on the 25-yard line that is in line with where it crossed the end line. All procedures for taking a free hit apply. All players shall be 5 yards away from the ball. The ball may not be played into the circle until it has amassed a dribbling distance of 5 yards or has been touched by a defender. The player taking the free hit may play the ball any number of times, but the ball must travel at least 5 yards before the attacking team plays the ball into the circle.

Page 46, Rule 10 Penalty 9a: A penalty corner is considered as retaken until any of the conditions of Rule 10-3-1a-g are met for its completion.

SITUATION 1: Two players from the Red Team line up on the end line to insert the ball for a penalty corner. The officials stop play and ask one of the two players to move beyond the circle. RULING: Correct procedure. The officials must ensure that the penalty corner is set properly before allowing the insertion. COMMENT: At the moment of contact, all attackers except the player taking the penalty corner shall be on the field with sticks, hand and feet not touching the inside of the circle.

SITUATION 2: The Red Team is awarded a penalty corner in regulation play. The ball that has been played outside the circle from the initial hit enters the circle and again leaves the circle. The official stops play and ends the penalty corner. RULING: Incorrect procedure, play continues. COMMENT: In regulation time, play will continue. In extended time, if the ball travels outside the circle for a second time, then the penalty corner is considered complete.

SITUATION 3: Team A is awarded a penalty corner. After the ball is inserted, a Team A player pushes a defender from Team B and the official blows the whistle to stop play. The official awards a free hit to Team B. RULING: Correct procedure. COMMENT: For fouls inside the circle by the attackers, a free hit is awarded the defenders. If the official feels this was misconduct as well, then the appropriate card progression could also be issued.

SITUATION 4: Player A on the attacking team is awarded a corner. The player pushing the ball into play initiates a move and feints before playing the ball. The official blows the play dead. The official informs the player that she is not permitted to do this per rule and must go to the center line. The attacking team now picks another player in the field of play to insert the ball into play. RULING: Correct procedure. COMMENT: Players must simply insert the ball into play without faking or deceiving.