Field Hockey Comments on the Rules - 2019

By nfhs on April 23, 2019 rules Print

1-5-1b — Putting the school’s name, nickname, logo, mascot and/or team player’s name on the uniform does not interfere with the officials’ ability to view player numbers and is consistent with other NFHS rules book language.

1-6-5 — With the small number of permanently labeled goggles on the market, the extension will give all those involved in the sport the time to find permanently labeled goggles by the 2020 fall season.

9-1-1 — Gives clarification that a free hit should be taken within playing distance of the spot of the foul. Playing distance is defined as the distance within which a player is capable of reaching the ball to play it. In the past, teams have often taken the free hit where the ball had come to rest after the whistle had been blown rather than from where the violation occurred. This should decrease the need for officials to reset the free hit.

9-2-1f — Clarifies that a free hit by the attack taken below the 25-yard line must travel a dribbling distance of 5 yards, by any number of attack players, or must be touched by a defender before the attack can send it into the circle.

10-3-1, 10-3-2 — Helps clarify when a penalty corner is considered completed at the end of regulation play and extended play. With the re-alignment of the rule, the completion of a penalty corner during regulation or extended play is now given up front, making it quicker and easier for officials to find. The second article now deals with extended play situations only and when the penalty corner is completed during these times.