Boys Lacrosse Rules Corrections - 2020

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2020 Rules Corrections:


4-22-1 – For all restarts, the game shall resume as quickly as possible and nearest to the spot of the ball when play stopped. All offensive players shall be 5 yards or more away from the player in possession of the ball. On the official’s whistle, play restarts.

Comment: As an editorial clarification the word offensive has been added.


5-10-1e – Throwing a crosse at the ball, at a player or other game personnel.

              PENALTY: One-to three-minute, non-releasable

Comment: Throwing the crosse, as a personal foul, is a non-releasable penalty, under any circumstance.


5.11 SITUATION – The situation should read:

A1 receives a two-minute illegal crosse penalty and a one-minute non-releasable penalty for wearing football shoulder pads during the first quarter.  In the second half, A1 receives a two-minute, non-releasable penalty. RULING: A1 has fouled out of the game, but has not been ejected.

Comment: With the updated rule allowing for corrections to a crosse with a two-minute non-releasable penalty, this situation would no longer be accurate.