Are you a student who has witnessed hazing?

By Caudill (CMS) Kathy on July 12, 2014 student services Print

If you are a bystander to any hazing activity or any activity that seems like hazing, intervene immediately by naming the behavior, stating that it is wrong, standing up for the person who is being hazed and not participating in hazing yourself.Once you are in a safer situation, seek assistance from a parent, adult family member, school counselor or a school administrator. Bystanders usually outnumber those who are doing the hazing and those being hazed. There can be strength in numbers, and this group may have the most potential to have an impact that curbs hazing. Hazing often becomes a "tradition" passed on because "it was done to us so, we can do it to others." In order to break the cycle, those who are bystanders need to let others know it is not okay. Preferably, this can be done before (or during) a hazing event -in order to - prevent it from occurring. However, even after the event, reporting that hazing has occurred can help break the cycle. It is never popular to report someone. However, reporting may break the cycle of bullying, and you will stand up for what is right and for a person or persons who have been already hurt by the hazing activity. Expect that the incident you report will be thoroughly investigated by school or other authorities. If that doesn't happen, take your concerns to another trusted adult.