Are you a student who has participated in hazing others?

By Caudill (CMS) Kathy on July 12, 2014 student services Print

Demeaning or dangerous activities are not necessary to be a part of a team/group. Interscholastic athletics and activities should revolve around respect, teamwork and fair play. Participation is a privilege. Do not let inappropriate or unsafe acts taint your chance or someone else's chance to participate.If you have participated in hazing anyone, talk to a trusted adult about it.Express your desire to stop hazing on your team and in your school.Be willing to accept the consequences that might accompany your involvement in the hazing activity.Many people carry guilt into their adulthood about hazing incidents that occurred when they participated in sports or other activities.You will show your true strength if you speak out against hazing or on behalf of someone who was hazed - even if it was you who did the hazing.

Hazing is a serious matter and is harmful to all involved. Whether you are one who has hazed, been hazed or witnessed hazing, you are affected by it. Seek help to lessen the long-term impact on you and others.

Hazing is harmful and unnecessary.Be safe and enjoy your high school athletic and activity experience. Your health and well being, both physical and mental, should be enhanced by participation in school activities, not jeopardized or diminished.