National Student Leadership Summit


Conference Information

2020 NFHS National Student Leadership Summit


July 20-22, 2020
Hyatt Regency Indianapolis
Indianapolis, Indiana



The NFHS is excited to announce the fifth year of its student leadership initiative, the National Student Leadership Summit (NSLS). The NSLS will focus on relevant and contemporary issues. Students will hone their leadership skills and realize the privilege and power of their influence in their school, community and state.

By utilizing a “train the trainer” concept, the student and adult ambassadors will be developing skills that will enable them to effectively lead their peers at school and assist their state association. By targeting specific topics, each student ambassador will learn how to develop and maintain healthy relationships with teammates, coaches/adult leaders and officials. They will learn conflict resolution techniques and how to be better communicators with their peers and adults. Another pertinent topic is social media. The student ambassadors will learn how to establish a positive electronic identity with social media and how to repair and rejuvenate a digital presence that does not truly reflect who they represent. Our young leaders will also learn the value of perspective and inclusion. Lastly, the students will participate in an exciting engagement with the local Indiana Special Olympic athletes for joint competition and shared athletic experiences. Experts will discuss these issues in a lecture/interactive format in small-group, breakout sessions.

The cost of the Student Leadership Summit for the student ambassadors is free. The students have to provide their transportation to and from the Summit. The hotel room, materials, meals, local programming and local transportation will be provided by the NFHS. The adult ambassadors will have to provide their own transportation to Indianapolis and their hotel room; however, Summit materials, meals, local programming and local transportation will be provided by the NFHS.



This is the only national student leadership summit for athletes and performing arts participants. The NFHS feels these individuals have inherent leadership abilities and are the leaders of the future. The NFHS plans to direct these high school students on how to develop their leadership abilities and interact with their peers from around the United States and other countries.

This is a relaxed atmosphere to encourage learning and facilitate interaction. The mid-80 degree weather dictates casual clothes-jeans, shorts, skirts, sneakers, t-shirts would be appropriate for the majority of the conference functions. There is one occasion that your attire needs to be aligned with the event. The event is a celebration dance on Tuesday evening before you depart for home. This is not a black-tie affair, but we recommend you wear casual clothes that you can dance in. As part of your registration, we will provide you with two t-shirts (one conference and one travel shirt for your trip back home on Wednesday).

Ask your school principal to contact your local state athletic/activity association for more information.



State Association Timeline and Promotion Ideas


September 2019
Member state associations received an email detailing the particulars of the upcoming NSLS in July 2019 and to indicate if they would participate next summer. The deadline to respond with their intentions was the end of September.

October 2019
The NFHS Board of Directors received the preliminary update on which states were participating and the overall status of the planning of the NFHS National Student Leadership Summit.

November 2019
Planning of the NSLS continues with emphasis on identifying speakers for the opening and closing general sessions.

December 2019
The NFHS National Student Leadership Summit will be promoted at the National Athletic Directors Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

January 2020
Student and adult ambassador applications will be forwarded to the participating state associations via email.

April 2020
Adult ambassadors should contact the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis to book their rooms for the NFHS National Student Leadership Summit. The code for the discounted room rate will be forwarded as soon as it is received prior to April 2017. The NFHS will register and assign rooms for the student ambassadors.

May 2020
All student and adult ambassador applications, codes of conduct, photos, videos, likeness releases and health forms are due to the NFHS from each participating state association. It is recommended that each state association keep an alternate or waiting student ambassador list on file.

June 2020
All student and adult ambassadors will receive a pre-Summit information packet with final instructions (what to bring, what not to bring, what to wear, what to expect) and on-site contact information for their parents and guardians.

July 20-22, 2020
The NFHS National Student Leadership Summit is convened!

Suggested Communication Outlets to Promote the NSLS


Save-the-Date Flyer
• State association website
• State association social media
• State association newsletter and/or blog
• Broadcast fax to state association member schools
• Local newspaper
• Local media
• Trade publications
• State association sports interpretation meetings
• State association championship athletic venues and publications
• Performing arts championship venues, programs and signage
• State association winter membership meetings or workshops
• State association student advisory committee meetings (share with committee members)