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The Stage - Official Performing Arts Podcast of the NFHS

By Dr. James Weaver on October 17, 2019 nfhs news Print

The NFHS Performing Arts Department is debuting a new podcast in October 2019 called "The Stage". This podcast will feature guests from around the country and touch on topics involved with: music, speech, debate, theatre, academic competitions and arts advocacy. The Stage is for administrators, teachers, coaches, parents and students and offers something for everyone.

The Stage is featured on a variety of platforms to make it more convenient for you to enjoy the podcast. 

Google Podcasts / Spotify / Apple Podcasts / Buzzsprout

Please give it a listen and help support Performing Arts


Episode #1 - Randy Cohen (Americans for the Arts/Arts Advocacy)

Content: Performing Arts Conference Recap, National Performing Arts Activities Week, Performing Arts School of Excellence, Randy Cohen Arts Advocacy Interview, National Debate Topic Ballot 


Episode #2 - Dr. Rich Edwards (Baylor University/Policy Debate)

Content: Oak Grove High School (MS), Adjudicating Speech and Debate NFHS Learn Course (FREE), Dr. Rich Edwards Interview, Forensic Quarterly / Policy Debate Quarterly