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RIIL Unanimously Changes Offseason Workout Rules

By Brendan McGair/The Narragansett Times on April 11, 2019 state news Print

From the Narragansett Times:

For R.I. interscholastic coaches who wish to work with a player during the offseason portion of the academic year, you’re now greenlighted to do just that.

At Monday’s meeting of the R.I. Interscholastic League’s Principals’ Committee on Athletics, the board vote unanimously (13-0) to approve a dramatic rules revision to the section devoted to the subject of coaching kids when the corresponding sport is out of season. Starting with the 2019 fall season, coaches will be allowed to interact with and provide instruction to their players in an effort to keep the lines of communication open.

The amending of this particular rule comes at a time when high school coaches regardless of the sport continue to voice concern about their athletes receiving private instruction. Allowing an athlete to seek out their high school coach during the off months to work on a specific skill figures to not only benefit the individual but also help the coach to better establish his or her program.

“We think this a good rule because it’s a way to get our coaches back involved,” said Interscholastic League assistant executive director Mike Lunney.

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