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REELY Selected by NFHS Network for Real-Time Highlights in High School Sports

By Newswire on January 18, 2019 state news Print

REELY Corp. announced today a multi-year partnership with the NFHS Network, the nation's leading high school sports media company, to produce clips and highlights in real-time with condensed games available shortly after game time. The content will initially be available on NFHS social media platforms but will be made available on the NFHS Network in the future.

NFHS Network will utilize the full spectrum of the REELY platform including its artificial intelligence-based highlight detection and one-click distribution of content to their websites and across social media channels. The proprietary platform works in real-time for live webcasts and up to eight times real-time speed for uploaded content. Highlights are sorted in the REELY portal and include a HYPE score giving the NFHS Network, and individual schools instant access to higher quality short-form content than ever before.

"The NFHS Network is excited about the opportunity to share more content and real-time highlights with our nearly 1.2 million monthly subscribers," said Mark Koski, CEO of the NFHS Network. "REELY offers an efficient product that our subscribers and member state associations will immediately begin to benefit from."

"This is an incredible day not only for REELY but for high school athletes across America," said REELY Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder Ian Stephens. "Partnering with the NFHS Network, the undisputed leader in high school sports content creation, provides a great opportunity for incredible coverage of student-athletes above and beyond the game footage."

Beyond game footage already captured and streamed by NFHS Network, there will now be more relevant and higher quality short-form content available than ever before. Additionally, NFHS Network will recognize significant operational efficiencies by automating the tedious process editors go through combing hours of video content for that one special moment.

REELY makes the process of highlight and condensed game creation incredibly easy. Users simply enter the link to their content, then the REELY AI magic happens and clipped videos are delivered within seconds! "Our partners tell us they cannot believe how easy it is to get started." stated Mr. Stephens, "Working with a market leader like the NFHS Network is truly an honor for us. Our goal is to put highlights in the hands of players and fans so no one ever misses that event of a lifetime."