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Montana High School Association Expands Golf Spectator Rules

By MHSA on June 27, 2019 state news Print

After reviewing the results of the survey’s from last year’s post season golf spectator pilot program, the Montana High School Association Board approved the following addition to the golf spectator rule to now include both regular and post season meets:

The MHSA welcomes and encourages parents and spectators to attend regular season and post season golf events. It is appropriate for parents and spectators to respectfully applaud good shots by all players and not just the player they are following. Additionally, we require that parents and spectators adhere to the following set of guidelines. To note, if any of the following guidelines are perceived to be broken by a designated tournament official, the spectator will be removed from the event.

1. Attendance fees (if any) for regular season events will be determined by the host school. All spectators must register and receive the proper credentials which must be worn at all times on the course.

2. The MHSA requires all spectators to pay a $10 fee per day during the post season. Spectators will receive a badge that will be required to be worn at all times on the course. After the fee is paid and the spectator receives a copy of the MHSA Spectator Code of Conduct, they will receive a badge. The host school is responsible for making arrangements to collect fees and distribute badges. The spectator fees will be retained by the host school.

3. MHSA Golf Coaches and host course personnel will be responsible for ensuring all rules are being followed.