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Kansas High School Junior Enjoys Officiating

By Gale Rose/Pratt Tribune on October 09, 2017 officials Print

From the Pratt Tribune

Guys involved with sports like being on the field and playing the game. Zach Shanline is no exception. He likes playing on the Pratt High School basketball and baseball teams. But he has found another way to participate in sports. Shanline is a game official.

Shanline started out officiating at age 14 when he was an umpire at t-ball games. At first, he did it because it was a way for a 14-year-old to make some money. But the longer he did it, the more he enjoyed it and now it has turned into something he does just for the sports he loves.

He officiates football, basketball, baseball and t-ball but his favorite is baseball.

Just like the athletes, being an official requires training. He recently passed a test required by Kansas State High School Athletic Association to officiate. It’s a 100 question test and has to be taken every year to officiate. Officials also have to attend two area meetings as part of their training requirements.

Shanline is getting registered in baseball, basketball and football. Each sport requires him to take the test and attend KSHSAA meetings. Of his three sports, Shanline is most knowledgable about baseball.

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