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Dick Bliss: National Girls Golf Coach of the Year (2018-19)

By Hannah Wishart on January 17, 2020 coaches Print

The NFHS is proud to name Dick Bliss of Hopkinton High School in Hopkinton, Massachusetts as the 2018-19 Girls Golf Coach of the Year!

After 30 years of coaching and countless student athletes going through his program, Coach Bliss can add another line to his resume: NFHS NATIONAL 2018-19 Girls Golf Coach of the Year! We're proud to honor Coach Bliss for his hard work and dedication to his craft, his golfers and his school. Congratulations!

SchoolHopkinton High School

Seasons Coaching: 40 | Career Wins: 4

Coaching Highlights: 4 State Championships (2003, 04, 17, 18), 3 undefeated seasons (2013, 14, 17), 10 Tri-Valley League Titles, and 2000-2018: 273 wins, 60 losses, 1 tie for both Girls and Boys Golf.

Philosophy of Athletics

Coach Bliss maintains the same philosophy, principles, and expectations for his students that he has used in his forty years of coaching. In coaching the most important and first thing you have to be is a teacher of the sport you coach. You're forever teaching fundamentals, respect for your opponent, teammates and the coaches that will be helping you in your program. You have to be a communicator of rules, you have to provide the opportunity for your student athletes to achieve their full potential through the sport you are teaching, you have to make sure they're always safe and they show the proper respect and behavior to other athletes and their own teammates.

As a coach you must create and be clear about what you want to do and how you wish your players to act to the values you teach them. You have to follow the guidelines set up by your administration and make sure your athletes understand them and you make sure they follow them. Coaching requires a constant evaluation of your players, your coaching staff and yourself on how your program is evaluated throughout the season. You have to keep lines of communication open to the athletes parents and make sure they understand your philosophy. Finally, you have to provide a positive experience for all your athletes so that they will want to have the passion to continue to practice, compete and improve each year in your program. 

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