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David Fredette: National Boys Tennis Coach of the Year (2018-19)

By Hannah Wishart on January 17, 2020 coaches Print

The NFHS is proud to name David Fredette of Armada High School in Armada, Michigan as the 2018-19 Boys Tennis Coach of the Year!

While Coach Fredette values wins, he knows that the true purpose of an athletics program is to shape young people into well-rounded adults. He knows that success on the field is only possible when paired with success in the classroom. He takes his role as a teacher/coach very seriously and is always striving for improvement. 

The NFHS is honored to name David Fredette as the 2018-19 NATIONAL Boys Tennis Coach of the Year! 

SchoolArmada High School

Seasons Coaching: 53 | Career Wins: 514

Coaching Highlights: Michigan H.S. Tennis Coaches Hall of Fame (1988), Macomb County Coaches Hall of Fame (1997), Michigan High School Coaches Hall of Fame (1998), Macomb County Tennis Coaches Hall of Fame (2004), Armada Area School's Athletic Hall of Fame (2008), and MHSTeCA Coach of the Year: 1982 CD, 1992 -B, and 1998 & 2018 -D4.

Philosophy of Athletics

Athletics gives students a chance to become student athletics, which means athletics teaches athletes discipline, a strong work ethic, and cooperation with others. Athletics teach athletes how to not only compete, but how to handle both winning and losing. Coach Fredette believes that high school athletics should not be just a one sport athlete. He believes that students who do athletics also excel academically in the classroom because of the discipline learned in sports. He knows that students who play sports upon graduation are more prepared to face the challenges that life presents them.  While he always expects his players to work hard, he also wants his athletes to enjoy experiences on and off the courts.

His former players tell him how much they enjoyed competing and also how much fun they had on team trips, whether is was to play top competition across Michigan or on to Florida over Easter vacation. Athletes learn how to compete, but they also gain friendships that last a lifetime, if only in their memories.

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