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‘Connecting’ Sessions Started for Minnesota Female Activities Directors

By Lisa Myran-Schutte, CMAA on December 20, 2021 hst Print

A small group of female high school activities directors from Minnesota decided to create a time to connect with other female activities directors from around the state every month or two. A random email usually is sent to female activities directors with a Zoom link. Everyone is encouraged to invite other female activities directors who may be new to the profession. The goal of the meeting is to connect with other female activities directors in Minnesota and to leave feeling encouraged.

The activity directors who organized the “Connecting, Caring, Chatting” initiative are Jill Johnson, activities director at Waconia High School; Meghan Potter, activities director at Wayzata High School; Anne Campbell, activities director at Grand Rapids High School, and Sandra Setter, activities director at Eagan High School. Especially with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the time away from school, there was a need to connect with others and the Zoom platform was a way to do it often.

The August meeting of the “Connecting, Caring, Chatting” group was about reconnecting after the summer break. It began with sharing of favorite summer activities and allowed everyone to express how they were able to unwind after a COVID year. The discussion included books that individuals read during the summer, some of which pertained to being culturally aware and others how to be a better activities director. There was a discussion on the riots that occurred in Minneapolis, and concerns were expressed for the students in that area and our fellow activities directors of the high schools that were impacted.

These meetings are purposeful and allow everyone to connect with colleagues with the overall goal of being a better activities director. Each meeting, although short, is a check-in and allows all participants to take time to refill their tanks.