4. December 2021 Extemp Topics

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December 2021



1. Is a damaging rift forming between the staffs of the President and Vice President?

2. Is it best for the Democratic Party for President Biden to declare he is not running in 2024?

3. Is Instagram having a negative impact on young people?

4. Will President Biden’s workplace vaccine mandate work to shorten the COVID pandemic?

5. Can Senators McConnell and Schumer reach an agreement to prevent a debt crisis?

6. Should President Biden impose a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics?

7. Will decennial Congressional redistricting assure a Republican takeover of Congress in 2022?

8. Are increases in the federal budget deficit justified by the benefits of expanding the social safety net?

9. Should term limits be imposed on United States Supreme Court justices?

10. Was it a mistake to move the Bureau of Land Management’s headquarters to Colorado?

11. Will the proposed minimum tax on business earning over $1 billion a year have a positive impact on the US economy?

12. Will Ford’s efforts to open the supply of microchips succeed?

13. Is the US endangered by developments in Russian and Chinese antisatellite weapons?



1. What will be the long-term outcome of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict?

2. What can Liz Cheney do to counter her abandonment by Republican Party leaders?

3. What steps can businesses take to reverse the “Great Resignation”?

4. What will be the consequences of Steven Bannon’s indictment for the Republican Party?

5. What must Beto O’Rourke do to defeat Texas Governor Abbott in 2022?

6. What explains the decline in oil prices?

7. What must Amazon do to rehabilitate its image as an oppressive employer?

8. How will the leadership of Sean O’Brien change the Teamsters Union?

9. What will be the impact of government funding for universal preschool?

10. What can the United States military do to reduce civilian casualties in its operations?

11. How can American infrastructure improvements improve US companies’ global competitiveness?

12. What would be the consequences of the United States breaching its debt limit?




1. Can the world finally put to rest the debate over the origins of COVID-19?

2. Can North America’s nations bring about a greater strategic and economic unity?

3. Will the Sudanese military use lethal force against protesters there?

4. Is the African National Congress losing its grip on power in South Africa?

5. Is France inclined to forgive the United States for its recent diplomatic missteps?

6. Will President Bolsanaro lose his reelection on account of his close relationship with Donald Trump?

7. Is China developing its own #MeToo movement?

8. Will the United States abandon Taiwan as it seeks détente with China?

9. Does Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. have a likelihood of winning the Philippine presidency?

10. With Qatar agreeing to represent US interests in Afghanistan, will the US be able to continue exerting some influence there?

11. Can tensions on the Poland-Belarus border be defused?

12. Are the opportunities of reuniting Cyprus eroding?

13. What is Russia’s future strategy for confronting Ukraine: Destabilization or invasion?



1. What will be the consequences of a Tigrayan victory in Ethiopia?

2. What can dissident groups do to influence Cuban politics?

3. After the restoration of Nicaragua’s democracy in the 1990s, what explains the return to autocracy there today?

4. How will global leaders succeed in keeping their promise to end deforestation by 2030?

5. What can be done by G20 nations to get COVID vaccines and antiviral drugs to poorer nations?

6. After a deadly police raid in Kashmir, what will be the consequences for the Indian government?

7. Why is Pakistan blocking shipments of wheat from India to Afghanistan?

8. How are Iran’s unmanned aerial drones impacting the balance of power in the Middle East?

9. What must Saudi Arabia do to diversify its economy?

10. What must Morocco do to prevent all-out war with the Polisario Front?

11. What can Bangladesh’s government due to reduce discrimination against Hindus?

12. What can India do to minimize its air pollution problem?