1. September 2021 Extemp Topics

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September 2021



1. Should municipalities resist measures by state governments that ban mask mandates?

2. Will the messy departure of the United States from Afghanistan hurt the Biden administration’s support among veterans?

3. Is the United States prepared to deal with consistently rising summer temperatures?

4. Is the Biden administration’s infrastructure bill sufficient to meet the nation’s infrastructure needs?

5. Can House Democrats reach a compromise within their caucus on a budget strategy?

6. Can Democrats succeed in their efforts to strengthen the Voting Rights Act?

7. Is it time for the FDA to provide formal approval for COVID-19 vaccinations?

8. Is the planned increase in SNAP Benefits enough to meet the needs of America’s poor?

9. Will Oklahoma succeed in its effort to overturn a Supreme Court ruling declaring a large amount of the state a Native American Reservation?

10. Has Lindsey Graham lost his relevance as Donald Trump’s star has fallen?

11. Was the Biden administration wise in extended its evictions moratorium?

12. Will the Supreme Court’s decision to refuse a case opposing Indiana University’s vaccine mandate result in expanded requirements by schools and colleges?

13. Will Andrew Cuomo’s downfall bring down his brother, CNN Anchor, Chris Cuomo?



1. How will President Biden’s defense of his strategy for withdrawal from Afghanistan impact his credibility on national security matters?

2. How will the spread of the Delta Variant of COVID-19 impact America’s economic recovery?

3. What steps can the federal government take to address significant water shortages in the American west?

4. What can the United States do to combat rising food costs?

5. What can the United States do to limit increasing methane emissions?

6. What is the best public health strategy for bringing COVID-19 under control?

7. How will the 2020 census impact Republican chances for retaking Congress in 2022?

8. What does New York Governor, Kathy Hochul, need to do to put the Cuomo scandal behind her administration?

9. What can the federal government do to unravel fraud in the Paycheck Protection Program?

10. What can social media companies do to improve their vigilance against COVID-19 conspiracy theories?

11. What can the U.S. government do to encourage expanded private sector space travel?

12. What can government do to narrow racial disparities in health care?




1. Can the Taliban maintain control over the entirety of Afghanistan’s territory?

2. Will America’s allies lose faith in it because of the messy pullout from Afghanistan?

3. Will Sudan turn-over Omar al-Bashir to the International Criminal Court?

4. Can the Liberal Party prevail in upcoming elections in Canada?

5. Will Jair Bolsonaro’s criticism of the Brazilian election system result in an illegal power grab?

6. Will the Taliban take a more peaceful approach to governing with its second chance at power in Afghanistan?

7. Will COVID-19 take the steam out of the Japanese economy’s recovery?

8. Has China succeeded in squashing all political opposition in Hong Kong?

9. Who will prevail in the fight over Ethiopia’s Tigray province?

10. Is Syria becoming a hub for the narcotics trade?

11. Is Jordan’s monarchy in danger of crumbling?

12. Are press freedoms in Poland under threat?

13. Will the triumph of an anti-corruption party in Moldova prove to be a model for other Eastern European states?



1. How will the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan impact Islamic extremism in Pakistan?

2. What changes will Hakainde Hichilema bring to Zambia with his presidency?

3. What must the parties in South Sudan do to maintain the tenuous peace there?

4. What can Australia’s government do to better protect its aboriginal population from the expanding COVID-19 threat?

5. What must Haiti’s government do to bring about stability in the wake of the former President’s assassination?

6. Why has the Biden administration abandoned the Obama administration’s open approach to Cuba?

7. With the Taliban returning in Afghanistan, how likely is it that al Qaeda will have a resurgence there?

8. What can the world community do to help Niger combat the threat posed by extremist groups?

9. How will Ebrahim Raisi’s election as President of Iran impact its nuclear program?

10. What can the Bulgarian government do to reverse its very low vaccination rate?

11. What must Balkan states do to convince the European Union to admit them?

12. Who is most likely to emerge as Germany’s next Chancellor?