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2018 Performing Arts Conference

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Monday, Sept.  17, 2018 – Speech, Debate & Theatre Workshops 


Welcome and Introductions - James Weaver, NFHS and Brian Bubach, Speech, Debate & Theatre Committee Chair 

Handling Rules Interps in the Digital Age  - Scott Walker and Shane Cole 

Online research and storage for speech and debate - Robyn Rose and Jana Riggins

Home school participation   

Speech, Debate, and Theatre in a Time of ProtestKevin Minch, NFHS Speech Consultant  

Review & Summary  - James Weaver, NFHS  


Tuesday, September 18, 2018 - Speech, Debate & Theatre Workshops 


“Speaking of Which Roundtable Discussion”  - Moderator, Brian Bubach, Chair 

Trends of Speech, Debate, and Theatre Participation - Panel Discussion Rich Edwards, Adam Jacobi, Diane Carr, Lauren McCool 

Trends in Interscholastic Theatre  - Diane Carr, EdTA   


Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2018 – Combined Music & Speech, Debate & Theatre  


Welcome & Introductions  - James Weaver, NFHS 

Keynote Speaker 

Crisis Management, a Real-World Look  - Eric C. Arnold, Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards 

EdTA Crisis Communication

What’s Covered / What’s Not NFHS Insurance ProgramsDissinger Reed 

Hazing and Bullying, Cause and Effect - Elliot Hopkins, NFHS 

Writing a NFHS Awards Nomination - Brian Bubach 

State of Performing Arts in the NFHS   - James Weaver 


Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2018 – Music Workshops   


Welcome and Introductions - James Weaver, NFHS  and Jennifer Brooks-Muller, Music Committee Chair 

Contest and Festival Management  - Brad Kent 

Listening Like an Adjudicator   - Duane Philgreen 

Missouri Music Mentoring - Davine Davis, MO

Review & Summary  - James Weaver, NFHS 


Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2018 – Music Workshops 


Musical Chairs Roundtable Discussion- Moderator, Jennifer Brooks-Muller, Music CommitteeChair 

The kid in band, theatre, and hockeySusie Knoblauch  

The big bad association, how to solve state bubbling issuesPanel Discussion 

NFHS Copyright Compliance Database, and How it Works - Panel Discussion Alan G., Mike P., Bethany B.  

Participation Advocacy, How to Grow Performing Arts  - Mick Bridgewater, IN