Wrestling Rules Interpretations - 2017-18

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Publisher’s Note: The National Federation of State High School Associations is the only source of official high school interpretations. They do not set aside nor modify any rule. They are made and published by the NFHS in response to situations presented. Robert B. Gardner, Publisher, NFHS Publications © 2017

SITUATION 1: Wrestler A appears on the mat wearing a tight-fitting compression shirt tucked into loose-fitting shorts designed for wrestling with loose-fitting boxer shorts that extend beyond the inseam but above the
knees. RULING: Any undergarment worn under the uniform shall be tight-fitting. Wrestler A would be penalized one match point and will have 90 seconds of injury time to correct this violation. (4-1-1)

SITUATION 2: Wrestler B appears on the mat wearing a tight-fitting compression shirt tucked into full-length tights with stirrups. RULING: Full-length tights with stirrups are acceptable under the singlet, compression
shorts or shorts designed for wrestling. Wrestler B would be penalized one match point and will have 90 seconds of injury time to correct this violation. (4-1-1)

SITUATION 3: Wrestler A is wearing a suitable undergarment and a pair of shorts. Wrestler A doesn’t make weight on the first attempt and steps off the scale to remove the shorts before the second attempt. RULING: Wrestler A would not be able to remove the shorts to lose or increase weight. (4-5-3)

SITUATION 4: The wrestlers have chosen to start the second period in the down position. The referee moves behind the wrestlers to start the match. RULING: The referee must be in front of, stationary and at an angle to the wrestlers. (5-19-10)

SITUATION 5: The referee penalizes Wrestlers A for an illegal hold for executing a straight back suplay. The coach of Wrestler A informs the referee that Wrestlers B’s shoulder landed on the mat first – not the head – and there should be no penalty. RULING: The straight-back salto or suplay are illegal holds/maneuvers regardless of which body part(s) hits the mat first. (7-1-2)

SITUATION 6: Both wrestlers are neutral. Wrestler B is behind by two points with 15 seconds to go. Wrestler B executes the flying squirrel. RULING: This is considered an illegal move and the referee will have to
penalize accordingly. (7-1-5w)

SITUATION 7: When the defensive wrestler can stand, how long does the offensive wrestler have to return the defensive wrestler to the mat? RULING: There is no time limit for the offensive wrestler to return the defensive wrestler to the mat. If the referee does not feel the offensive wrestler is working to return or release, then stalling shall be called. (7-6-4d)

SITUATION 8: The coach of Team A realizes that his team should have won the previous match at 106 pounds during the dual meet. The official scorekeeper did not award his wrestler a two-point takedown. The coach brings this scoring error to the attention of the referee during the 113-pound match. RULING: Match scoring errors must be corrected prior to the start of the next match on the same mat. (6-6-4)

SITUATION 9: Wrestler A appears on the mat wearing shorts designed for wrestling that have the manufacturer’s 2¼-inch name multiple times around the waistband. RULING: The shorts would not be considered a legal uniform because the manufacturer’s logo or reference can only appear once on each uniform apparel. (4-1-2)

SITUATION 10: The assistant coach of Team A is at mat-side and the referee noticed that the coach is chewing tobacco. RULING: The assistant coach will be charged with a flagrant misconduct which requires a deduction of three team points and removal from the facility for remainder of the event. (5-12-2b)

SITUATION 11: During the pre-dual meet disk toss, Team A is required to send its wrestler to the scorer’s table first. Team B’s wrestler reports first and proceeds to the 10-foot circle. Team A’s wrestlers report to the table and the coach from Team B wants to replace his wrestler. RULING: Because Team B’s wrestler did not report in the proper sequence, he/she can be replaced by an eligible wrestler without penalty. (6-2-2)

SITUATION 12: Both wrestlers shoot for a takedown at the same time and butt heads. Both wrestlers are injured and require injury time. Which wrestlers are placed on injury time? RULING: Both wrestlers would be
placed on injury time simultaneously. (8-2-1)

SITUATION 13: Can unnecessary roughness be called after the match has ended? RULING: No, unnecessary roughness is an act that occurs during the match. (5-29-1)

SITUATION 14: If the wrestlers both have a supporting point on the line, are they considered out of bounds? RULING: Wrestlers are out of bounds when both wrestlers have a supporting point beyond the boundary line. (5-18)

SITUATION 15: Can the assistant referee signal a caution, illegal holds, outof-bounds or potentially dangerous? RULING: The assistant referee can use a visual signal for lock hands; all other infractions must be verbally communicated. (3-2-2)

SITUATION 16: Wrestler A has Wrestler B in a near-fall situation, and the referee has reached a five count. Wrestler B grabs the earguard of Wrestler A but is unsuccessful in getting out of the near-fall. Wrestler B
while in the near-fall situation begins to bleed and the referee stops the match. How many points will Wrestler A receive? RULING: Wrestler A would receive four points for the near-fall and one point for the technical violation. There are not additional near-fall points issued because of the blood stoppage. (7-3-2, 9-1-5)

SITUATION 17: Wrestler B has Wrestler A in a near-fall situation. Wrestler B has supporting points inbounds; Wrestler A has both shoulder and scapula out of bounds. Can Wrestler A be pinned in this situation? RULING: A near-fall or fall shall be earned while the supporting points of either wrestler are in-bounds. (5-15-2c)

SITUATION 18: The coach of Team A requests a conference with the referee at the scorer’s table to question the score of the match. The coach questions if the referee awarded two or three points for the near-fall. What is the penalty for the coach for questioning the referee? RULING: There is no penalty for a coach who questions the official at the table to clarify the score of the match. If the coach has questioned why the referee only scored two points and not three, then the coach could have been charged a misconduct penalty for questioning the judgment of the referee. (5-5-2)

SITUATION 19: Wrestler B appears on the mat and is wearing a tight-fitting, short-sleeved compression shirt under the singlet. Is this a legal uniform? RULING: Contestants may wear a tight-fitting, short-sleeved compression shirt under the singlet that complies with the uniform rules without the permission of the referee. (4-1-1b)

SITUATION 20: Wrestler A appears on the mat wearing elbow sleeves. The referee asks the reason for wearing the elbow sleeve. The wrestler doesn’t have a valid reason. What is the violation? RULING: All special equipment should be inspected by the referee prior to the start of the dual meet or tournament. The wrestler was not properly equipped when reporting to the mat and will be charged a technical violation and one match point and will use injury time to correct the violation. (3-1-6, 7-3-5)