Track and Field Comments on the Rules - 2018

By NFHS on October 26, 2017 track & field/cross country Print

4-3-1; 4-3-1b, c: Clarifies that the school may issue a school-purchased uniform or approve an individually purchased item as part of the official school uniform. Due to the personal nature of the uniform bottom, schools may elect to have the athletes purchase this item and it will not be re-used by other athletes. An individual athlete may also have a preference in style of the uniform based on the event. Sprinters may prefer compression, distance runners may prefer a running short, throwers a looser short with a longer inseam as examples. Regardless of who purchases the uniform, the item shall be in compliance with all uniform requirements and restrictions. The school's head coach must review and approve all uniforms to be certain the item is rules compliant.

6-2-14 PENALTY (NEW): Article 14 lists several restrictions but has not included an associated penalty, disqualification from the event. The inclusion of this penalty is necessary and applies to violations of Articles 10, 13 and 14.

6-5-11: The inclusion of a permitted range in the length of the crossbar in the pole vault like that in the high jump, provides for consistency and flexibility in the length of the equipment.

4-3-1a, b, c; 8-6-1 (NEW): The duplicate language pertaining to the official uniform for both relay teams and cross country teams is eliminated from Rule 8 and only appears in Rule 4-3. This language was unnecessary as it was the same except for the rule on the soles of the shoes allowing for one-inch spikes in cross country. This exception on spikes now appears in Rule 4-3-1a(3).