Swimming and Diving Points of Emphasis - 2016-17

By NFHS on July 15, 2016 swimming & diving

1. Backstroke ledge - The backstroke ledge is currently prohibited in high school competition. High school swimmers will vary in skill levels, from those who are beginners to those who have extensive experience. The swimmers who are less experienced will demonstrate a wider variance in their ability to control their trajectory and depth when performing a backstroke start. Additional information is needed to determine whether the use of the backstroke ledge poses an increased risk to a high school swimmer performing a backstroke start.

2. Swimsuit fastening systems - Swimsuits that use a “fastening system” for closure, such as the tie back suit, are not permitted during competition. Rule 3-3-3b(4) states that the suit shall be made with no zippers or other fastening system other than a waist tie for a brief or jammer and elastic material within the casing/ribbing in the terminal ends (straps, leg openings and waist openings).

3. Designated areas for photographers - Guidelines for photographer access should be clearly defined prior to the swimming and diving event. It is recommended that state associations and event hosts consider the areas, and specifically the angles, for photography of swimmers that they consider appropriate/inappropriate and set reasonable guidelines.  Due to swimmer attire and the starting positions in the sport, media access in the starting area may not be fitting. If a designated media area is used, it should be established before the meet begins.  It may be more appropriate for photographers to be limited to areas adjacent to the starting area (starting area is defined as that behind the blocks). When there is not a designated area for press/media or others, photographers can be limited to taking photos from the side and/or the end of the competition pool.