Soccer Points of Emphasis - 2016-17

By NFHS on June 06, 2016 soccer

1. Rough Play – Rough play including contact above the shoulder often results in player injury.  Officials and players must eliminate rough play from the game. Officials should deal with rough play by giving appropriate penalties immediately when the rough play occurs.

2. Team Member Equipment Check – Because of the number of recent rules changes involving uniforms and equipment, officials are encouraged to informally check the equipment of team members before the game to prevent possible player equipment violations occurring during the game.

3. Referee Checking for Injury After a Goal – After the clock is stopped for a goal and the referee examines a player including a goalkeeper for a possible injury, that player will not have to leave the game unless the coach and/or medical personnel are beckoned onto the field to check the player. If the referee beckons the coach and/or medical personnel, the player including a goalkeeper is required to leave the field.

4. Ball Holders – Because the clock is running when the ball goes out of bounds, it is essential that ball holders be available to get the ball back in play quickly. At least two ball holders are to be provided by the home team each game.  The ball holders are under the direct supervision of the officials.