Soccer Comments on the Rules - 2016-17

By NFHS on June 06, 2016 soccer

4-2-9 (new): This change permits the use of soft-padded headbands, referencing relevant ASTM standards. This clarifies that soft-padded headbands are permitted for all players.

11-1-4: This change clarifies that a player in an offside position that receives the ball from an opponent who deliberately plays the ball is not guilty of offside infraction.  However, if the player receives the ball from a deliberate save, he/she gains an advantage and is considered offside.

14-1-4: This rule change affects a player taking a penalty kick who interrupts their movement to the ball. The referee will now consider it as any other violation by a member of the attacking team and will use the Penalty Kick Situations Chart for guidance on how to handle the infraction.

Rule 18 -1-1 (new) Offside Definitions.

Three definitions have been added to clarify offside interpretation. 

  • Gaining an Advantage¬†
  • Interfering with play
  • Interfering with an opponent

These do not change existing rule but simply utilize definitions consistent with other rule making bodies.