Ice Hockey Rules Changes - 2017-18

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1-3-5:ART. 5A water bottle may be attached to the goal net for use by a goalkeeper. The If a water bottle is used, it must be securedly tied to the top or back of the net goal frame.

Rationale: Water bottles that are not secured to the goal frame end up on the ice and interfere with play. This can affect the flow of the game as well as keep items off of the playing surface


2-2-5:ART. 5…The referee(s) shall meet with the captain(s) and head coaches prior to the start of the game.

Rationale: Rule 3-6 requires head coaches to verify to the referee that all participants are properly equipped. This change requires the head coach to meet with the officials and ensures the verification that all participants are properly equipped. This change would also occur in Rule 5-3d.


2-2-6: ART. 6…When rules indicate “captain’s choice of players” for serving the penalty, the captain must select a player who was on the ice when play was stopped the infraction occurred, excluding the goalkeeper.

Rationale: During a delayed penalty call, it is very difficult to monitor the specific players on the ice, as they are changing frequently. This change would simplify the process for officials to identify a player on the ice rather than recall who was on the ice at the moment the infraction occurred. Rule 4-2-8 would have the same change, as it is identical language.


6-1-9 NEW: ART. 9…No player, coach or team personnel shall spit at an opponent, teammate or game official.


Rationale: Officials have latitude to handle this situation with other rules, however this rule is specific and emphasizes the severity of the action.


9-1-2:ART. 2…The official dropping the puck shall set the players by blowing the whistle and holding the puck at the belt-line.

Rationale: This is a universal standard in hockey, however the NFHS rules have never had specific language to cover it. This change reinforces the current faceoff procedures that are already in practice in high school hockey.


2017-18 Ice Hockey Editorial Changes

1-9-3, 4-2-8, 5-3d, 6-1-8, 9-1-11i

2017-18 Ice Hockey Points of Emphasis

1. Health and Safety

2. Sportsmanship

3. Officials – Game Management

4. Properly Equipped Players