Girls Gymnastics Rules Changes - 2016-18

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Rule 1: Clarifies that an extra swing between elements on uneven bars will break a directly connected series.

Rationale: Clarifies how “directly connected” is applied on uneven bars.

Rule 1: Specifies that any size of hand placement mat will be allowed provided it is manufactured by a gymnastics company.

Rationale: Accommodates various sizes of manufactured hand placement mats.

Rule 1: Redefines an acro pass to require all elements with the exception of the round-off to be of value, to allow backward acro elements in a two element pass, and to require either a back-to-back superior, a high superior, or an advanced high superior to be included in a two acro pass.

Rationale: Redfinesan acro pass to include language that is consistent with other events that require all elements to be of value and defines a two-element pass.

6-4-2a(5): Specifies the deduction for bent legs in the support phase for vaults with saltos.

Rationale: Clarifies that if the legs are bent in the support phase in vault, an Up to 0.2 deduction will be applied.

6-4-2b: Provides a penalty to apply when the gymnast remains on the table too long on non-salto vaults.

Rationale: Specifies the deduction when the gymnast remains on the table too long.

6-3-4a, 6-4-4a, 7-3-4a(3), 8-3-4a(2), 9-3-4a(2): Clarifies the deduction for landing with feet staggered.

Rationale: Clarifies that if the feet are staggered on landing in all events, the deduction will be Up to 0.1.

6-6-6, #6.503: Adds a new vault.

Rationale: New element. Keeps up with current trends and elements for high school gymnast.   

7-3-3c, 4-1-2, 4-1-2c, 7-3-3, 7-3-4, 8-3-3, 8-3-4, 9-3-3, 9-3-4: Revises and redefines the Choreography categories.

Rationale: Redefines and revises the Choreography categories and scoring to reduce subjectivity.    

7-3-6a, 8-3-6a: Clarifies the method to evaluate a routine with no dismount.

Rationale: There should be a penalty for a gymnast who does no dismount at all or a no value dismount as compared to one who does at least a medium value dismount.

7-6-2, #2.404, 7-6-9, 8-6-1, #1.105, 8-6-2, #2.309b, 8-6-8, #8.203b, 8-6-11, #11.402: Adds a new element.           

Rationale:  New element. Keeps up with current trends and elements for high school gymnasts.

8-3-3b: Clarifies the direction requirement on balance beam.

Rationale: Clarifies the deduction for lack of an acro in each of two directions.

8-3-3c, 9-3-3c: Revises and clarifies the Artistry categories.

Rationale: Redefines the Artistry categories to reduce subjectivity in scoring.

8-3-4c(10): Clarifies the use of supplemental support on balance beam.

Rationale: Specifies the deduction for use of supplemental support on balance beam.

8-6-8, 8-6-9, 9-5-6, 9-5-7, 9-5-8, 9-6-9: Deletes series exceptions in balance beam and floor exercise.

Rationale: Eliminates the concept of awarding a higher Value Part when performing two elements together.

9-2-3a, (3a,b): Clarifies the event requirement of a superior in the third pass in floor exercise.

Rationale: Clarifies when credit is awarded for a superior acro element in the last pass.

9-3-7n: Reduces the penalty for a coach being on the floor exercise mat while spotting.

Rationale: Reduces the penalty for a coach being inside the boundary line markings for spotting.

9-6-1, #1.206b, #1.114, #1.214a,b, #1.314, #1.414: Adds new elements in floor exercise.

Rationale: New Element.  Keeps up with current trends and elements for high school gymnast.

2016-18 Girls Gymnastics Editorial Changes

3-3-2, 6-3-4e, 7-3-4a(14), 8-3-4a(13), 9-3-4a(10), 6-3-4f, 6-4-4f, 7-3-4b(9), 8-3-4b(17), 9-1-2c,  9-3-4b(16), 7-2-4, 7-3-6d, 8-3-6d, 9-3-6c, 8-6-2-NOTE, 9-1-2c, 9-3-7j(1, 2), 9-6-1 NOTE, 9-6-1 (1.409a, 1.409b)

2016-18 Girls Gymnastics Points of Emphasis

  1. Professionalism
  2. Artistry
  3. Evaluating acro passes
  4. Host Management Responsibilities