Field Hockey Rules Changes - 2016

By NFHS on June 10, 2016 field hockey

1-2: New procedure for Long Hit eliminates the need for this field marking. Long Hit Line will also be eliminated from Field Diagram.

1-5-3: The home team is required to wear single solid white uniform tops front and back on the torso. The home team should only wear white socks to match the uniform top. There is no need for the home team to wear any other color sock/sock guard than white. Light-colored is ambiguous.

1-5-6 PENALTIES 2 (new): When an illegally uniformed team is unable to correct the situation or cannot verify state association approval of the uniform, the game shall be played. The referee must, however, notify the state association following the game.

1-6-5: Face masks are no longer permitted

1-8-1a: Goalkeeper uniform tops may be multiple colors to ensure contrasting uniforms with field players. Effective 2017, the goalkeeper’s uniform top must have visible numbers on the front and back. This will create consistency with all uniforms worn on the field.

7-3-2: The implementation of the new “Long Hit Procedure” created a new name that is consistent with the new procedure.

10-3-2: The rule change for 2015 (dealing with restarts for extended play penalty corners) eliminated the clear definitions for when a penalty corner, during regular play, is considered to be completed. The exception to the rule added in 2015 (dealing with restarts for extended play penalty corners) should apply to an injury during regulation play as well as extended play.

11-1-1e: The rules have evolved to allow umpires to better manage this situation if it occurs. Deleted provision to award a penalty stroke when the defending team continues to deliberately cause the ball to go over the end line.



1. Properly Marked Protective Eyewear

2. Elimination of Facemask Use as a Protective Device

3. 25-Yard Free Hit

4. Self-Pass and Delay of Game

5. Rough and Dangerous Play

6. Good Sporting Behavior