Field Hockey Comments on the Rules - 2018

By nfhs on June 14, 2018 field hockey Print

1-6-5: Required eye protection must meet the 2713 ASTM standard for field hockey at the time of manufacturing. This clarifies the labeling of protective eyewear and what is permissible for athletes.

1-7-1 a-f:  The goalkeeper is permitted to use all of their protective equipment, body and stick to play the ball in their circle.

1-7-2:  Clearly defines where and how the goalkeeper may play the ball outside the circle but within the 25-yard line.

Misconduct penalties apply if the goalkeeper plays the ball beyond the 25-yard line.

2-1-5:  Ensures timer is watching both officials on field and is consistent with officials training as well as current trends of the sport.

3-3-9: All criteria associated with dribbling applies to a ball off the ground.

4-4-8: Clarification that too many players on the field is a violation of the substitution rule and the penalties that apply.

3-1-6:  Redefined that an extra player on the field is an ineligible player.

9-1-1:  All free hits are taken at the spot of the foul.  Below the 25-yard line all players must be five yards away. If an opponent is within 5 yards, the opponent(s) must not interfere with the hit, attempt to play the ball or influence the play.