6. 2017 March Extemp Topics

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March 2017





  1. Can President Trump succeed at “resetting” relations with Russia?

  2. Will the courts continue to block President Trump’s executive order on immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries?

  3. Have comedians taken their criticisms of the President and his administration too far?

  4. Should the voting age be lowered to 16?

  5. Is President Trump’s nationalist message uniting or dividing America?

  6. Will limiting the flow of refugees into the United States make us safer?

  7. Are claims that America’s system of checks and balances is eroding valid?

  8. Can Snapchat be transformed into a profitable long-term business?

  9. Will the restart of the Keystone and Dakota Access pipeline projects help or hurt the states through which they will pass?

  10. Should states and municipalities stop funding sports stadiums?

  11. Is a college education the gateway to a middleclass income?

  12. Has the Democratic Party found a coherent message for the American public?

  13. Will the resignation of Michael Flynn result in a more damaging investigation of Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia?



  1. How will President Trump’s vocal criticism of the courts impact the public’s perception of the judiciary?

  2. What is President Trump likely to get for America in a renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement?

  3. What can the Trump administration do to ensure a smooth confirmation of Neil Gorsuch?

  4. Who in the United States would be most affected by the creation a border wall with Mexico?

  5. What must America do to increase interest in politics among younger voters?

  6. What must Donald Trump do if he wishes to successfully change America’s trade relationship with China?

  7. What must Republicans do to implement an effective replacement to Obamacare?

  8. What must the Trump administration do to make sure its members are speaking with a unified voice?

  9. How can President Trump alleviate fears about financial conflicts of interest?

  10. What can James Chaffetz do to increase confidence in the work of the House Oversight Committee?

  11. What will be Betsy Devos’ priorities for the Department of Education?

  12. What steps must the Trump administration take to satisfy the conservative wing of the Republican Party that the President has their interests in mind?





  1. Can a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict be achieved?

  2. Can Great Britain get a good deal in its Brexit negotiations with the EU?

  3. Is the Netherlands becoming an anti-immigrant nation?

  4. Should Ukraine give-up on reuniting with its separatist eastern regions?

  5. Is United States foreign policy strengthening conservative leaders in Iran?

  6. Can Britain maintain a beneficial relationship with the EU after Brexit?

  7. Should India adopt a universal basic income?

  8. Should Western European countries turn away from NATO to ensure their mutual security?

  9. Can Myanmar reverse its history of mistreating ethnic and religious minorities?

  10. Should Jordan consider incorporating ungoverned elements of Syrian and Iraqi territory into a “Greater Jordan”?

  11. Is it in Germany’s economic interest to keep encouraging immigration?

  12. Are purges in Turkey’s government bringing renewed stability to the country or making it more unstable?

  13. Can China restrain North Korea’s growing nuclear program?




  1. How will the Presidency of Donald Trump change the role of Russia in the world?

  2. What is needed to strengthen the environmental movement in Latin America?

  3. What steps can Asian nations take to help facilitate the mobility of laborers throughout the region?

  4. What can the Philippines do to bring its Communist insurgency to a permanent end?

  5. What Asian nation has the most to lose as a result of Donald Trump’s presidency?

  6. What steps must India take to bring about a more unified society?

  7. What steps can Romania take to reduce widespread corruption there?

  8. What must be done to better link the economies of Brazil and Argentina?

  9. What can Iraq’s government do to return a sense of normalcy to Mosul?

  10. What must Francois Fillon do to restore the support of the French public in his presidential candidacy?

  11. How can China and Taiwan strengthen cross-straits ties?

  12. If America is putting itself first, which foreign leader has the best claim to “runner-up” as “Leader of the Free World”?