5. 2017 February Extemp Topics

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February 2017




  1. Will Congress have a viable replacement for Obamacare in place by the time it is fully repealed?|
  2. Was President Obama’s decision to commute Chelsea Manning’s jail sentence justifiable?

  3. Can Donald Trump rightly take credit for keeping Ford and General Motors jobs in the United States?

  4. Were protesting Democratic members of Congress justified in their decision to boycott the Presidential inauguration?

  5. Can Americans count on health care reformers to continue protecting consumers with pre-existing conditions?

  6. Should President Obama’s sanctions against Russia be sustained by the Trump administration?

  7. Can the press expect to have their access to President Trump constrained?

  8. Was Congressman John Lewis justified in arguing that Donald Trump’s presidency is not legitimate?

  9. Should President Obama stay out of debates over public affairs once he leaves office?
  10. Is President Trump compliant with the spirit of laws aimed at avoiding financial conflicts of interest?

  11. Do this year’s record high temperatures confirm that human-made climate change is real?

  12. Are social media outlets obligated to filter-out so-called “fake news”?

  13. Are accusations of Senator Jeff Sessions’ racism credible?



  1. What is the most important legacy of President Obama’s administration?

  2. What is the most significant failure of the Obama presidency?

  3. Who represents the most controversial of Donald Trump’s cabinet selections?

  4. What steps must the American intelligence community take to gain the confidence of President Trump?

  5. What steps can the Trump Administration take to ease anxiety among the NATO allies?

  6. How will the appointment of Jared Kushner as a Counselor to the President impact the effectiveness of the Trump Administration?

  7. What steps must President Trump take to reassure people concerned about potential financial conflicts of interest?

  8. What is Bernie Sanders’ future role in Democratic politics?

  9. Who is best positioned to lead the process of change in the Democratic Party?

  10. What can the mainstream media do to undermine the credibility of so-called “fake news” sources?

  11. What can the United States do to promote lifelong learning among its citizens?

  12. What steps can the Trump administration take to heal the rift between the United States and Israel?




  1. Should NATO members be concerned about the warming of relations between Turkey and Russia?

  2. Does Russia pose a threat to fair elections in Europe?

  3. Should United States government officials fear blackmail by Russian spies?

  4. Is Thailand’s proposed new constitution good for the future of democracy there?

  5. Has Japan done enough to atone for its use of “comfort women” during its 20th Century occupation of Korea?

  6. Should the government of Sri Lanka place limits on investments by China?

  7. What can French leftists do to strengthen their position in the polls?

  8. Will the new war crimes tribunal for Kosovo help bring closure for the former warring factions in that country?

  9. Should the Trump administration close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba?

  10. Is Britain’s path to Brexit clear?

  11. Can Evo Morales’ supporters in Bolivia succeed in removing term limits on the presidency?

  12. Is Iraq’s government gaining the upper hand over ISIS militants there?

  13. Is Assad’s government in Syria firmly secure against its rebel opponents?




  1. What will be the economic consequence for South Korea with an indictment of the head of Samsung corporation?

  2. What can the Mexican government do to resist pressure from the Trump administration?

  3. What explains the continued popularity of India’s Prime Minister Modi?

  4. Will increasing the number of high speed trains in China help expand the country’s economic growth?

  5. What steps can Middle Eastern governments take to encourage entrepreneurial start-ups?

  6. What will be the political consequences of the death of former Iranian President, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani?

  7. What steps can the government of Ivory Coast take to discourage future mutinies by its soldiers?

  8. What will be the consequences for peace with a collapse of Northern Ireland’s government?

  9. What can the government of Brazil do to curtail gang activity there?

  10. What steps can the leadership of the Palestinian Authority take to bring Israel back to the bargaining table?

  11. Who benefits most politically from Islamic State terrorist acts in Turkey?

  12. What steps can Spain’s government take to prevent Catalonian secession?