4. 2017 January Extemp Topics

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January 2017




  1. Can the fight against global warming proceed with decreased United States support?

  2. Should Donald Trump be forced to sever ties with his businesses after assuming the presidency?

  3. Is the North Carolina’s legislature’s decision to curtail the powers of the North Carolina Governor constitutional?

  4. Are there too many military figures in Donald Trump’s proposed cabinet?

  5. With increased production and lower prices, can America still break its dependence on oil?

  6. Is the U.S. dollar becoming too strong?

  7. Is Ben Carson prepared to lead an executive agency in the federal government?

  8. Is the United States likely to see an increase in charter schools under a Trump administration?

  9. Should the Democratic Party turn to the center or the left in its quest to regain support from the American public?
  10. Should the Supreme Court rule execution of prisoners with low IQs unconstitutional?

  11. Are comparisons of American students to those of foreign nations productive for the purposes of assessing American education?

  12. Should the President be able to strong-arm businesses into keeping jobs in the United States?

  13. Will the Trump administration succeed in its plans for the mass deportation of illegal immigrants?


  1. What is an appropriate response by the United States government against Russia’s hacking efforts in advance of the November elections?

  2. What goals have motivated Donald Trump’s cabinet nominations?

  3. How will Jeff Sessions’ leadership change the Justice Department?

  4. In his quest to shrink the size of government, what executive department is Donald Trump most likely to eliminate?

  5. What are the greatest challenges facing the new Treasury secretary?

  6. What steps can the new administration take to curb the rise in hate crimes since the election?

  7. What steps can the federal government take to curb the rising price of new medications?

  8. What actions can the United States take to mitigate the threat of foreign cyberattacks?

  9. What can Donald Trump do to decrease the perception that he has too many conflicts of interest?

  10. What can social media outlets do to curtail the spread of “fake news”?

  11. Who among his inner circle has the most influence on the decision making of Donald Trump?

  12. Who is likely to emerge as the early favorite for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination?



  1. Will Donald Trump’s choice for Ambassador to Israel undermine efforts to bring about a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict?

  2. Can deforestation in Indonesia be stopped?

  3. Can Russia succeed in expanding its influence among Pacific nations?

  4. Can China’s government succeed in curtailing foreign influence on its people?
  5. Is the United States doing enough to combat terrorism on the African continent?

  6. Is the Western-backed plan for stabilizing Libya’s government failing?

  7. Can Haiti’s new president bring stability to the island nation where his predecessors have failed?

  8. Will the Thai people come to accept their controversial new King?

  9. Will Taiwanese gay rights advocates succeed in passing same-sex marriage legislation?

  10. Would the Syrian people be better off if the rebellion against Assad’s rule ceased?

  11. Can François Fillon fend-off the far right in his run for the French presidency?

  12. Has Turkey’s hope for eventual EU membership evaporated?

  13. Is Germany mistaken to pursue a ban on the burqa?


  1. Who shares primary responsibility for the tragedy in Aleppo?

  2. What can Italy’s government do to escape its enormous debt burden?

  3. How will Britain’s slow approach toward implementing Brexit impact the European Union?

  4. What steps should Mexico take to counter an antagonistic new American administration?

  5. What steps can the Japanese government take to raise the status of women in the workplace?

  6. How will suppression of minority Shia by Persian Gulf states impact the stability of the region?

  7. How will South Korea’s leadership crisis impact stability on the Korean peninsula?

  8. What steps can Sudan’s government take to shed its status as an international pariah?

  9. What steps can neighboring African states take to bring peace to South Sudan?
  10. What actions must Colombia’s government take to ensure the success of its peace agreement with the FARC?

  11. What can the Japanese government do to help ensure an end to its territorial dispute with Russia?

  12. What can Taiwan’s government do to diffuse tensions with China after the Taiwanese president’s call to president-elect Trump?