3. 2016 December Extemp Topics

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December 2016



  1. Did the presidential election prove that political polls are not reliable?
  2. Should the Electoral College be abolished?

  3. Was Steve Bannon an unwise appointment on the part of Donald Trump?

  4. With Donald Trump’s apparent interest in splitting his time between Washington, DC and New York City, can he be adequately protected from danger?

  5. Will Congress and the new President repeal Obamacare in totality?

  6. Does the American news media share responsibility for the election of Donald Trump?

  7. Could Donald Trump’s legal problems pose a threat to his presidency?

  8. With the election over, should President Obama be more vocal about his concerns about a Trump presidency?

  9. Did third-party candidates undermine Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy?

  10. Is the Republican Party still the party of conservatism?

  11. Should the U.S. Senate change its rules to eliminate the filibuster?

  12. Did state-level voter identification laws change the outcome of the 2016 elections?

  13. Should family members of presidents be allowed to serve in their administrations?


  1. What was the cause of Donald Trump’s come-from-behind victory in the presidential election? 

  2. What was Hillary Clinton’s most significant strategic campaign error?

  3. Which appointment will be Donald Trump’s most important? 

  4. What steps can Donald Trump take to reduce the perception that his administration will support racist policies?

  5. What must the Democratic Party do to expand its influence among voters who voted Republican in 2016?

  6. What can America’s political parties do to increase participation by minorities in the electoral process?

  7. Who is the most likely choice of President-elect Trump to replace Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court?

  8. What steps should Donald Trump take to decrease conflict between his government service and his business interests?

  9. Who would make the most promising chair of the Democratic National Committee?

  10. After Hillary Clinton’s defeat, who is the leader of the Democratic Party?

  11. What should be the top policy priority of President-elect Trump’s first 100 days?

  12. What should President Obama do to contribute to civic life after the end of his presidency?




  1. Are pro-Democracy forces in Hong Kong a threat to Chinese control over the territory?

  2. Will Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s presidency be good for Peru?

  3. Can Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, succeed in extending his leadership until 2021?

  4. Is India becoming a more prolific polluter than China?

  5. Can local Chinese elections spur the growth of democracy within the Chinese Party of China?

  6. Can democracy emerge in Zimbabwe after 92-year-old Robert Mugabe dies?
  7. Can Kurdish militias succeed in their goal of dislodging Islamic State from Raqqa?

  8. Should NATO countries be concerned about the future of the alliance?

  9. Will Turkey’s continued suppression of political opposition permanently derail its prospects for European Union membership?

  10. Should South American nations stop pursuing hydropower on the Amazon river?

  11. Will Rodrigo Duterte move the Philippines toward an alliance with China?

  12. Can a younger generation of Saudi royals reform their country?
  13. Is South Africa’s president, Jacob Zuma, corrupt?


  1. What steps should the leaders of Mexico take to improve relations with the incoming U.S. administration of Donald Trump?

  2. What can Prime Minister Sharif do to curtail the power of the military in Pakistan?

  3. What must Vietnam do to limit traffic in products derived from endangered species?

  4. What must Egypt’s government do to boost its weakened economy?

  5. How will the election of Donald Trump impact the war in Syria?

  6. How is Russia likely to change its foreign policy in the wake of Donald Trump’s election as United States president?

  7. What can European governments do to curtail the growth of “alt right” organizations?

  8. How long is it likely to take for Britain to formally exit the European Union?

  9. How should Lebanon’s political system be reformed?

  10. What accounts for the low approval rating of French President, Hollande?

  11. What steps can India take to better involve its anxious Muslim minority in Indian society?

  12. What can the International Monetary Fund do to stabilize Mongolia’s economy?