2. 2016 NFHS November Extemp Topics

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November 2016


Note:  Because of the forthcoming Presidential Elections, this month’s set of questions is extended to consider scenarios of both Republican and Democratic victories. Please be sure to examine questions carefully for relevance before using them in tournaments. 



Closed-Ended (Non-Political, Neutral Political and Clinton Victory Scenario)


  1. Now that she is President-elect, can Hillary Clinton reduce fears that she has financial conflicts of interest?

  2. Has the presidential election increased Americans’ interest in third party alternatives?

  3. Is Mike Pence now the leading contender for the 2020 Republican presidential nomination? 

  4. Are the governments of New York and New Jersey sufficiently prepared to deal with future terrorist attacks?

  5. Are colleges and universities doing enough to educate students in the prevention of rape and sexual assault?

  6. Was Donald Trump’s preparation for the presidency the defining issue in his loss?

  7. Is there evidence supporting Donald Trump’s claims that the presidential election was rigged?

  8. Did early voting have an impact on the outcome of the Presidential election?

  9. Should the format for future presidential debates be changed?

  10. Will the new Congress help or hinder the implementation of the new President’s agenda?

  11. With the election concluded, will the Senate take up the confirmation of Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court?

  12. Can California’s government preserve the state’s dwindling water supply?


Closed-Ended (Trump Victory Scenario)


  1. Now that he is President-elect, can Donald Trump reduce fears that he has financial conflicts of interest?

  2. Is Tim Kaine now the leading contender for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination?

  3. Was Hillary Clinton’s trustworthiness the defining issue in her loss?

  4. Did Donald Trump’s warnings about potential voter fraud have an impact on voting?


Open-Ended (Non-Political and Clinton Victory Scenario)


  1. Have this year’s Presidential debates had a significant influence on voter attitudes toward the candidates?

  2. How will Congress’ override of President Obama’s veto of legislation, allowing 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia, impact relations between the U.S. and its ally?

  3. What will be the environmental policy priorities of a Clinton administration?

  4. How has the presidential race changed the way Americans talk about sexual assault?

  5. What are the prospects for greater cooperation between Congress and the next President?

  6. What are the prospects for the next President addressing the rising cost of a college education?

  7. What steps can the United States government take to protect itself from Russian cyber-espionage?

  8. Which Presidential candidate did the best job appealing to young voters?

  9. What steps must Hillary Clinton take to distance herself from Wall Street leaders?

  10. What details should presidential candidates share about their health history?

  11. If median incomes in the United States grew in 2015, why does the public still seem disappointed with the state of the economy?

  12. What steps can be taken to curtail rising premiums under Obamacare?

Open-Ended (Trump Victory Scenario)

  1. What will be the environmental policy priorities of a Trump administration?

  2. What steps must Donald Trump take to distance himself from the “Alt-Right”?




  1. Does globalization help or hurt the world’s poor?

  2. Will Russia’s intervention ultimately help or hurt the civilians of Syria?

  3. Is it in the interest of the people of earth to pursue colonization of Mars?

  4. Are Thailand’s military leaders doing enough to improve conditions for the nation’s poor?

  5. Has Cambodia’s government ceased to be a functioning democracy?

  6. Can the United States and Russia work together to be a force for peace in the world?

  7. Will the Islamist PJD prevail in Morocco’s parliamentary elections?

  8. Has Turkey’s President Erdogan prevailed in his power struggle with the army?

  9. Will the Dutch government’s conclusion that Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down by a Russian missile result in any negative consequences for the Russian government?

  10. Will Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the British Labour Party result in further erosion of public support for Labour?

  11. Is anti-American feeling declining in Latin America?

  12. Are India and Pakistan nearing open warfare?

  13. Will a plebiscite in Australia result in the legalization of gay marriage?


  1. What must the government of Colombia do to repair the damage caused by voter rejection of the FARC peace deal?

  2. What accounts for the Venezuelan government’s ability to cling to power despite significant public opposition?

  3. What steps should China’s government take to better distribute wealth among the country’s provinces?

  4. What can Nigeria’s government do to keep the Civilian Joint Task Force from becoming an uncontrolled vigilante army?

  5. What can the Russian government do to curtail the spread of AIDS there?

  6. What can the British government do to forestall Scotland’s movement toward another separatist referendum?

  7. What can Iraq’s government do to build a greater sense of unity among Shias, Sunnis, and Kurds?

  8. What steps must Afghanistan’s government take to weaken the Taliban’s grip on the nation’s south?

  9. What actions should the United States take to unite the world community in meaningful opposition to North Korea’s nuclear program?

  10. How long will it take for Iraqi forces to retake Mosul from Islamic State?

  11. What can the government of Tanzania do to bring about greater unity between the residents of Zanzibar and the mainland provinces?

  12. How likely is it for Spain to form a government before the end of the year?