1. 2016 NFHS October Extemp Topics

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October 2016



  1. Who has a more workable plan for the economy: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?
  2. Is Hillary Clinton’s election as President becoming inevitable?

  3. Should the United States lessen the number of military bases it maintains overseas?

  4. Does Warren Buffet know the key to restoring the American economy?

  5. Will allegations of connections to Russian powerbrokers further erode support for Donald Trump’s candidacy?

  6. Are United States courts doing enough to protect the voting rights of African American voters?

  7. Will Yahoo!’s business thrive in the wake of its acquisition by Verizon?

  8. Is Hillary Clinton’s choice of Tim Kaine as a running mate increasing her appeal to centrist Republicans?

  9. Is the United States government doing enough to battle the spread of the Zika virus?

  10. Should protected wilderness areas be opened to traffic by bicyclists?

  11. Has the federal government done sufficient work to help with the aftermath of flooding in Louisiana?

  12. Should presidential candidates be required to release their tax returns to the public?

  13. Can the federal government make its case against controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio stick?



  1. What can the U.S. government do to promote healthier eating on the part of Americans?

  2. How should the United States government respond to alleged incidents of hacking by Russia?

  3. How is Donald Trump’s candidacy changing the Republican Party?

  4. What changes can America’s police forces take to improve their relationships with minority citizens?

  5. How has the Black Lives Matter movement changed American politics?

  6. What can Hillary Clinton’s campaign do to put an end to the public debate over her emails?

  7. How important an issue is the future of the Supreme Court in the presidential race?

  8. How big of an impact will Donald Trump’s candidacy have on Republican candidates for other offices in November?

  9. What can third party presidential candidates do to increase their chances of success in the upcoming election?

  10. What steps should the Clinton campaign take to assure the public that donations to the Clinton Foundation haven’t bought undue influence?

  11. How will changes in the management of Donald Trump’s campaign impact the campaign’s message?

  12. What steps must be taken to improve the effectiveness of state healthcare exchanges under Obamacare?




  1. Are the extreme crime control measures of Rodrigo Duterte jeopardizing democracy in the Philippines?

  2. Is the African National Congress in danger of being removed from power in South Africa?

  3. Can Justin Trudeau succeed in his efforts to change the composition of the Canadian Senate and Supreme Court?

  4. Has support for human rights weakened under China’s current government?

  5. Is Iraq’s Yazidi population being mistreated by the Kurdish regional government?

  6. Should the European Union place restrictions on the free movement of people across the borders of member states?

  7. Will Russia and Ukraine come into armed conflict over Crimea?

  8. Is Egypt on the verge of another popular uprising?

  9. Has hosting the Olympics helped or hurt the reputation of the Brazilian government in the eyes of its people?

  10. Can the United States and Russia find common cause to help bring peace to Syria?

  11. Can NATO rely on Turkey as an ally?

  12. Should the United States extradite Fetullah Gulen to Turkey?

  13. Will the installation of the THAAD missile defense system protect or endanger South Korea?



  1. What can the new government in Argentina do to bring increased stability to the Argentine economy?

  2. How will the new Thai constitution impact the restoration of democracy in that country?

  3. What steps can the government of India take to help diffuse tensions in Kashmir?

  4. What actions can the government of Afghanistan take to improve the education of women in that country?

  5. As Asian nations battle for influence in Africa, which will emerge as the most influential power?

  6. What steps are necessary to bring the divided militias of Libya together to form a stable government?

  7. What steps must Britain’s Labour Party take to restore its influence among the British electorate?
  8. What accounts for the recent economic success of Vietnam?

  9. What steps can be taken to ease the process of international adoption?

  10. What must the Venezuelan government do to tackle serious food shortages in Venezuela?

  11. How should the British government handle negotiations on its exit from the EU?

  12. What can Taiwanese president, Tsai Ing-wen do to improve relations with Mainland China?