Who Teaches Your Coaches? NFHSLearn PSA

By NFHS on November 02, 2015 coaches

Coaches have the unique opportunity to impact a great number of people. Preparation is key to making a positive, lasting impact. A great way to prepare as a coach is to invest in continuing education.  The NFHS developed this :30 video spot to highlight the importance of coach education and to encourage parents and students to seek out how coaches at their school are trained. 

NFHSLearn, a resource for coaches, parents, students, administrators and officials, offers 40 online training courses on topics ranging from first aid to study habits. 

We invite you to share this PSA on different media outlets, with the intention of raising awareness about the importance of trained and certified coaches.

Download the PSA here.

For more information about NFHSLearn courses, visit NFHSLearn.com.