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Vermont First State to Recognize Ultimate as Varsity Sport

By Wilson Ring/AP on November 10, 2017 state news Print

From the Associated Press

Vermont is now the first state in the United States to recognize “ultimate” — the game that started as Ultimate Frisbee — as a high school varsity sport.

A committee that oversees high school sports in the state, the Vermont Principals Association, unanimously approved ultimate last week as a varsity sport starting in the spring of 2019.

Ultimate is played on a field slightly smaller than a football field by teams of seven. Players pass a disc down the field until a teammate catches it in the end zone. If the disc is dropped, it is turned over to the other team. The game is widely known as Frisbee but the trademarked toy name is not officially used for the sport.

Bob Johnson, associate executive director for the association, said the sport was sanctioned as an exhibition sport for the last three years and has grown tremendously in Vermont high schools. It attracts students who aren’t drawn to traditional high school sports like soccer, baseball or basketball, he said.

“If you can get students involved in sports or activities they do better academically,” Johnson said. “The more opportunities we can create, the better things are.”

Johnson said they expect 13 or 14 schools teams for boys in 2019 and seven to 10 for girls. There will also be a state championship tournament.

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