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"Officiating Volleyball: Ball Handling" Online Course Available

By Becky Oakes on September 30, 2016 volleyball article Print

Now available on www.nfhslearn.com is the brand new online sport specific officiating course.  “Officiating Volleyball: Ball Handling” gives an overview of tips and techniques that officials need to make correct ball handling calls.  Video examples of various contacts by each position are provided to assist officials in visually identifying ball handling faults and legal player action.  This course teaches and shows the difference between legal and illegal contacts, helping officials be more consistent in their ball handling calls.  Units covered include Introduction to Ball Handling; Rules Governing Ball Handling; Techniques to Train the Eye; Variables and External Stimuli; and Overview of Each Skill. Short comprehension quizzes and “you make the call’ scenarios are scattered throughout the course. The course will cost $10 for NFHS Officials Association members and $20 for any non-member official or other interested party. Don’t miss out on this new and exciting course and be sure to pass along the information to officials within your state!